Specialised Engineering of Hydraulic Systems, Cylinders and
Small Machines, for the Agricultural, Forestry Petroleum, Marine,
Industrial and Mining sectors of South Africa.

About HCE

"Engineered Project Solutions"

HCE Engineering strives to leave our Industrial footprint firmly imprinted by offering our clients a concept of “Engineering Projecting Solutions”,  successfully transitioning our company from manufacturing cylinders to engineering, projecting and manufacturing of hydraulic systems.

HCE offers a unique approach, simply termed “Engineering through Partnerships”, our vision is to enhance our clients proficiency within their Industrial Sectors.  HCE offers engineering solutions by taking clients envisioned concepts through consultation, formulating solutions, draughting and finally manufacturing or fabrication of the envisioned concepts, which is all achieved under one roof.    The same procedure is followed when assisting with upgrading, modification or the integration and diagnostics of hydraulic systems.

Sourcing and procurement of components and products form a major part of projecting.  Pricing is vitally important, HCE undertakes to ensure through constant price checking that our clients receive the best product and pricing possible.  

Industrial Sectors in South Africa continue to evolve, as machinery becomes more efficient, quicker, are driven harder and pushed to their limits. HCE endeavour always to be innovative and effective as it is paramount to our growth and development, that continued achievement of these criteria ensures the success of our clients.

A brief history

Hydrocylinder was started in 1997 specializing in the manufacturing of Hydraulic Cylinders supplying to the Agricultural, Industrial and Mining sectors of South Africa.  HCE not only manufacture cylinders but can assist with the building of hydraulic systems, some of these projects may be viewed on our Facebook page, Hydrocylinder S.A – Pty Ltd.  HCE has immersed itself in consulting, projecting and an undertaking to find solutions for clients. Our ability to accomplish this is the years of on hand experience of over 30 years in our industry.  Diversity is the key element to our growth which ultimately ensures that we deliver a diverse service to our clients.

Power packs, actuators, accumulators and the installation thereof are designed, built and manufactured on site.  HCE designs and manufactures brand name and specialised manifold blocks.  Components are manufactured for special applications, such as rotary union, nozzles for high pressure pumping, wet crete nozzle assemblies, injector housings, these are a few of many components manufactured on site. HCE will stock manufactured components for projects, details can be ascertained during the consultation phase.

HCE carry a specific range of product in line with our market and client’s needs, derived from years of supply and demand. Our main items are honed tubing, chrome rod, cylinder kits, cylinder components, certified mild steel tanks, hydraulic hand pumps, Maxtor air coolers, pressure gauges, Ponar hydraulic valves and Blain lifting valves.

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Engineering through partnerships

Simply termed as “Engineering through Partnerships”, our vision is to enhance our clients proficiency. How we deliver on this is our concept of a “One Stop Engineering Consulting Projecting Solution”, providing our customers with a full inhouse engineering capability, utilising any of our services as a whole or individually.  Services include consultation, draughting, manufacturing, fabrication, installations, diagnostic’s on systems, repairs, refurbishment and modification on hydraulic systems aswell as sourcing and procurement of components.

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Master Classes, are experiential learning through which students develop knowledge, skills and values from a direct source relating to systems specific.

The Master Class is geared to assist qualified Artisans and Engineers, improving their knowledge in their chosen field.

Our facilitator of the Master Classes is Sidney Badenhorst, he has earned his reputation over the course of 20 years, teaching students the art of Hydraulics. Sidney has over 30 years of experience in all major sectors of the Hydraulic Industry.

In 2019 HCE launched our new product “Master Classes”, through our years on experience and close relationship with our clients, we identified the need for more on hand application of Hydraulics, not just the theory, but the practical aspects thereof.

The duration of the Master Class is over a two day period, and usually takes place at the client’s premises.  Demonstrations of systems diagnostics using schematics pertaining to clients machines are interactive and prove to be more thought provoking than the standard theory application.

For more information or enquiries contact our Training co-ordinator



Research and development is a constant in our industry and forms a passionate part of HCE.  Our understaning is the more we undertake to spend time on development and research the more accomplished we will be in our ability to provide a proficient service to our clients.  

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