HCE Engineering services


Specialised Components are manufactured once it has been ascertained through consultation with our clients the components functionality.  Our technical and draughting team will derive the best workable solution for the components specific application.  Once the drawings are complete the components are sent to our manufacturing department and placed into production.

Over the years of projecting new concepts it was found that new components with specific funtions were needed in order to finalise a build or to exact a better functionality from a machine or hydraulic system.  Finding the best people for this was always an issue.  Hydrocylinder having the engineering know how therefore derived that it had all the key aspects to manufacture these components in house, we have found this to be very successful and now stock components as per clients request these stock components are used as and when directed during a build of hydraulic systems by Hydrocylinder for clients.



Sourcing and procurement of goods is a fundamental necessity within a business, we therefore on a daily basis price check components, ensuring that our clients receive the best price possible. 

If unable to procure a component, Hydrocylinder can assist in the design and manufacture of required components, these components may also be stocked and kept on our shelves and bought as required by clients, details can be ascertained during the consultation processes.


Hydrocylinder carries a specific range of products in line with our market and client’s needs, this was derived from years of supply and demand and changing market.  Hydrocylinder only use and supply honed tubing and chrome rod from Germany, Italy and Taiwan.  Cylinder kits, cylinder accessories and components, Ponar valves, hand pumps with handles, pressure gauges, air coolers and certified mild steel tanks make up the rest of our product range.  A limited range but geared to meet our clients requirements.  Hydrocylinder however does provide a sourcing and procurement service to assist our clients.