Hydraulic Courses

We can assist with onsite basic hydraulic courses.

Courses can also be designed to companies requirements, these are our Master classes.

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Basic Hydraulic Course

Explanation of the difference between pressure and flow basic components of a hydraulic circuit and their symbols.  Basic calculations around the sizing of a power pack.

Operation and functionality of pressure valves, flow valves, directional valves, modular valves, gear pumps and piston pumps.

Hydraulic system maintenance, fault finding and diagnosis.  Sizing of hydraulic accumulators and hydraulic motors.

Proportional Hydraulics

Design criteria for open loop control with proportional valves, application of pressure drop and flow when sizing valves.

Open loop control to closed loop control. Application with different pump controllers.  Setting of Eurocard’s.

Logic Elements

Theory behind logic elements and when to use logic elements.

Logic elements circuitry and calculations of logic elements.

Cooling in Hydraulic Systems

Importance of cooling in hydraulic systems. Calculating the necessity for additional cooling, and sizing thereof.

Load Sensing

Load compensation with pressure compensators.

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